Abu Mazen and Obama’s Peace Pantomime

Obama is unable to offer Abbas an independent Palestinian state based on the 1967 borders, because that is not what Netanyahu has in mind. Indeed, recent reports suggest that during his meeting last weekend with Egypt’s President, Hosni Mubarak, the Israeli prime minister presented a proposed map of a Palestinian State that fell well short of the Arab League’s proposal for peace. Nor is Netanyahu under pressure from the US to offer more. In fact, Netanyahu believes that he can bend Washington to his will, as he so memorably explained to a family of Israeli settlers in a recently surfaced video clip from 2001: “I know what America is. America is a thing you can move very easily, move it in the right direction.”

The “right direction” that Netanyahu made clear in the video, was “to put an end to this galloping forward to the ’67 borders”. Unable to offer a state based on the Arab League’s peace terms, Obama hopes to entice Abbas into his “peace event” by offering him a flag pole – specifically, the right to fly the Palestinian flag outside the PA mission in Washington. This is not any flag pole either, but one that provides diplomatic immunity for his envoys there: Palestinian diplomats will soon be able to ignore parking tickets in Washington, DC. Can the “stamps, parades and carnival” predicted by Uzi Arad be far behind?

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20 Responses to Abu Mazen and Obama’s Peace Pantomime

  1. Extremist Zionist says:

    Of course what Netanyahu is offering the Palestinians is unacceptable to them. But then so too was what Barak, Sharon and Olmert offered them as well. In other words, the Palestinians are not willing to reach a peace agreement on ANY terms that ANY Israeli governemnt will offer them. A primary sticking point is the so-called “Palestinian Right of Return”. The Palestinians have never indicated that they won’t insist on implementation of it, although “progressives” always seem to assume that they will, without any evidence in that direction.
    The assumption of “progressives” is that there is a potential agreement waiting in the wings “that everyone knows the terms of” and that the Arabs have agreed to these terms, and it is simply a matter of forcing Israel to go along. WRONG! The Palestinians will NEVER accept the idea, so beloved of “progressives” of “Two states living side by side in peace in prosperity”. Such a scenaria would be abhorrent to the Arab world, which CAN NOT accept having a Jewish state of any size in its midst.
    Get used to it….no peace agreement is attainable.

  2. Colin Laney says:

    Extremest Zionist writes: “In other words, the Palestinians are not willing to reach a peace agreement on ANY terms that ANY Israeli governemnt will offer them.”

    I presume you mean that no Israeli government will offer (with minor adjustments) the 1967 borders, which the Palestinians would accept in a heartbeat.

    So no two-state solution. Take your choice:
    (1)A repressive apartheid state.
    (2)Another Palestinian expulsion.
    (3)A regional nuclear war.
    (4)All of the above.

  3. Extremist Zionist says:

    Previous Israeli governments have, more than once, offered something close to the territorial outline you mentioned. If you are right, then the Palestinians would make a counter-offer along these lines. This has not happened. How do you know that they would “accept them in a heartbeat”? Saeb Erekat recently rejected the idea of Israel keeping the Western Wall and the Jewish Quarter of the Old City of Jerusalem. This falls within the scope of what everyone like you assumes is “minor territorial adjustments”.

    In any event, it is not the territorial dimension that is the deal-breaker, it is the Palestinian “right of return”, and I mean actual implementation of “the return”, not merely symbolic recognition of it and monetary compensation. The refuged situation is NOT merely a “humanitarian problem” that can be solved by resettlement and compensation…it is an ultimate POLITICAL weapon to be used against Israel. The refugees have no say in the matter, if they were to agree to resettlement and compensation, they would be accused by many elements in the Arab world of being traitors. In any event, a Palestinian state in the West Bank and Gaza has no room no economioc ability to absorb large numbers of refugees, who in any event are different than the local population and would not fit in with them.


  5. “accept them in a heartbeat”? Saeb Erekat recently rejected the idea of Israel keeping the Western Wall and the Jewish Quarter of the Old City of Jerusalem.

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  7. Temporary management of Libya, Muammar Gaddafi after the capture of ousted president who accidentally killed in a shootout, he argued.

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    Gaddafi’s sons had been killed and the bodies were also Misrata’ya Mutas?m’?n been authorized that, if they do not know the fate of Seyfülislam’?n said.

    In the meantime, for finalizing the end of the old regime were recorded statement be made on Saturday, Benghazi

  8. Louisiana state prison in the United States about 30 years behind bars on charges of rape convict who, last month was released on the understanding that innocent by DNA.

    Henry James called the prisoner, prosecutors and lawyers work together as a result of the region, using the DNA of innocent people in prison without charge, to prevent tilt “Innocence Project” has been released to the testing and understanding of research reported in his innocence. Henry James, the judge who convicted him, Henry G. Sullivan was released a day after retirement.

    “Innocence Project” officials, they said, James, Louisiana, was sentenced to the longest-running state of the acquittal of the DNA test, he added.

    Henry James’ lawyer, Paul Killebrew also said his client is very happy, “Henry, seeing his family to undergo a very exciting time, the results of DNA testing for regional law firm to act decisively and correctly appreciate,” he said.

    50 year old Henry James, a Westwego’da in 1982 for raping a woman was sentenced to life in prison without the right to parole on the grounds.

  9. Statement of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, “in Sirte in Libya, the National Transition Council’s forces realized after the operation, quickly create stability in the country and we hope to enable the transition process with the participation of all political forces. Ukraine, territorial integrity, democratic Libya” since the the statement said.

    National Transition Council expressed the wish for would establish the rule of law and democracy in Libya, Kiev, to avoid the actions of the supporters of Gaddafi’s regime, climate of dialogue for peace and unity and called for the provision.

    Ukraine, mutual friendship and cooperative relations between the two countries will continue in the future he believes the statement, “Despite all the difficulties during the transition, by staying in this country, ensuring the security of Ukrainian citizens demand that continues to aid the people of Libya,” the statement said.

    In Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, is contrary to international law by emphasizing the killing of Gaddafi, said the issue should go on.

  10. Tablet says:

    Professor Yannis Kouzis, “Trust not a trade union movement, gives ammunition to opponents. The trade unions should keep the initiative in the hands of outside intervention to protect the independence-protected and has to fight against political parties. Of course, this is not so easy,” Geoana said.

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