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Victor Jara is Smiling In Heaven

Just a quick Sunday night note to salute my Chilean peeps, you know who you are, and share their joy at the election of President Michelle Bachelet, who the media likes to remind us is a “left wing single mother,” … Continue reading

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The Resistable Rise of Ariel Sharon

Sharon’s defeat of the Palestinians was sealed in Washington: Not only did he tear up Oslo; he tore up U.S. Middle East policy and got the administration to thank him for it 1. Arafat Gone, His Rival Patriarch Leaves the … Continue reading

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Bush and the Republican Mutiny

Huggy-Bear McCain has proved a more nettlesome opponent to Bush than the Dems A little over a year ago, my then-weekly appearance on CNN International happened to coincide with President Bush’s inauguration, so I found myself in the unusual position … Continue reading

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