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The ‘Metrics’ of Obama’s Vietnam

Why is the Administration conducting a “test run” for its metrics of success in Afghanistan? Because the metrics used will be those that provide the desired verdict Continue reading

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Karzai as Diem in Obama’s Vietnam

The suggestion that doubts over the clearly crooked election process in Afghanistan somehow undermine the U.S. strategy there are missing the point: As I wrote last week, an inconclusive poll that fails to clearly legitimize the next government may not be a setback for the Obama Administration’s Afghanistan strategy. On the contrary, it could offer an important opportunity to remake a system of government so dysfunctional that it has enabled a massive Taliban resurgence. Continue reading

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Helena Cobban Explains Fatah

Helena Cobban has spent decades reporting on Palestinian politics and the wider MIddle East, and her expertise offers an indispensable understanding of the dynamics at work as Fatah prepares to hold its first party conference in decades. The Israelis and … Continue reading

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More Dennis Ross Dissembling

Obama’s Iran point man can’t seem to get his head around the reasons for Israeli emigration Continue reading

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