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Memo to Madonna: It’s a Buyer’s Market

A couple of months ago, it was credibly reported that Madonna was looking for a house in Rosh Pina, a northern Israeli town overlooking the Sea of Galilee where, so we were told, she believes the Messiah will arrive. He’ll … Continue reading

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Fidel +10

Looks like another marketing triumph by Adidas over Nike: The first photographs of the ailing commandante supremo aimed at showing that he’s on the mend showed that Fidel Castrol has lost none of his inimitable sense of style. That certainly … Continue reading

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Why Lebanon Should Make You Fear a President Hillary

Ethan Bronner in the New York Times asks the question “what would Ariel Sharon have done?” in response to Hizballah’s raid that captured two soldiers. And his answer seems to be, very little: A few air strikes, and then a … Continue reading

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Israel Disappoints the Neo-cons in Lebanon Proxy War

Hear, Oh Israel! Charles Krauthammer is disappointed. Very disapppointed. And he clearly speaks for the rest of the neo-conservative fraternity that has worked so hard to destroy any distinction between U.S. interests and Israeli interests. That’s because, as we pointed … Continue reading

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Letter from San Quentin

Some months ago, I posted a piece titled “Are Jews White” that used the case of Stephen Liebb, a Jewish convict in San Quentin who is seeking to have himself racially reclassified from “White” to “Other,” to explore the question … Continue reading

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