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Colonel Sanders Keeps His Head

Published in the sadly departed Japanese food culture magazine Eat in May 2001 This time around, the Colonel kept his head. Local police in China‚Äôs Hunan province had been braced for the worst during the Hainan spy-plane standoff earlier this … Continue reading

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Lipstick Jihad!

Five reasons why you should buy my friend Azadeh’s book 1) Because she’s supersmart, writes with delightful wit and levity, and has an acute eye for the telling detail and irony that best convey a broad observation – her recent … Continue reading

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The Globalization of Footie

A version of this story was published on in July, 2004 Fenian, moi? Celtic’s Guinean defender Bobo Balde Visitors to Ibrox Park, home of Glasgow Rangers, might have been more than a little gobsmacked recently to see the home … Continue reading

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Bin Laden as a Brand

First published March 2004 in South Africa’s Sunday Times It’s a safe bet that Osama bin Laden has no significant following in Mexico. So there was something incongruous about hundreds of soccer fans from that overwhelmingly Catholic country recently urging … Continue reading

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