Lipstick Jihad!


Five reasons why you should buy my friend Azadeh’s book

1) Because she’s supersmart, writes with delightful wit and levity, and has an acute eye for the telling detail and irony that best convey a broad observation – her recent Time piece Fast Times in Tehran will give you a taste;

2) Because, in the finest “Rootless Cosmopolitan” tradition, she’s entirely suspended between two worlds, as her subtitle suggests — and that gives her the unique insights of the outsider in both;

3) Because Iran is very important right now, and it is far, far more complex than even the best Western reporting can convey. You need a guide;

4) Because she does the Proust thing of allowing the delicious recipes of her childhood serve as her link to her Persian roots, and those lavish descriptions of pilafs and lamb stews will have you running to the fine food store for saffron and pomegranates; and

5) Because she’s a fresh voice who makes nonsense of tired “clash of cultures” cliches.

And, of course, because she’s a long-time subscriber to the Tony Karon email blog that preceded this site!

Buy the book at

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8 Responses to Lipstick Jihad!

  1. Jim Moser says:

    “Why Iran is Talking” says Iran miffed at being labelled an axis of evil country after it assisted in creating an Afghan democracy.

    The US entered Afghanistan on 10/7/2001.

    The “Axis of Evil” speech was on 1/29/2002.

    On 8/14/2003 the UN Election Commission came to agreement with Afghanistan on elections to take place the following year.

    So just when did Iran provide all of this assistance?

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  4. Rachel Golem says:

    Dear Mr. Karon,

    I am sorry to disapoint you. You have this lifelong dream of seeing the entire Jewish population of the “Zionist Empire”, huddling onto ships and looking for a country in Europe that will take us in.

    You can write a million articles and websites telling everyone that Israel is the most evil nation on earth. In the long run, it just won’t matter.

    The Europeans will not send the children they don’t have to “Liberate Palestine”.

    And you can call for boycotts of chummus and cosmetics. It won’t matter.

    The new joke at AIPAC is, “Laughing when Iraqi people kill each other is NOT Anti-Semitism”.

  5. BW Mart says:

    You are Amazon Affiliated ? Are you?

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