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As the Rebbe Goes, So Goes Hamas

Satmar Hasidim bury Rabbi Teitelbaum in Williamsburg, Brooklyn The Hamas-led Palestinian government is facing all manner of economic and political sanctions because of its refusal to “recognize” Israel’s right to exist. (There’s an absurd quality to this discussion, both because … Continue reading

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Does the New York Times Know Who Rules Iran?

Iran, as Condi often notes, is run by unelected clerics. President Ahmedinajad is not one of them The election of President Mahmoud Ahmedinajad in Iran was the best thing that ever happened to the “real men go to Tehran” crowd … Continue reading

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What We Learn from Adidas

Zidane has a word with his player-coach I caugt Adidas’s hilarious new World Cup “equipo” ad (click here to view as MPG), whose conceit involves two ten-year-old boys in an unnamed Latin American country picking imaginary teams to play each … Continue reading

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You, Too, Can Invade Iran

If you see this man, kill him, quickly and quietly… This from Assault on Iran, one of the latest offerings from, an online gaming company that offers live-action missions that allow you to solve all of today’s geopolitical problems … Continue reading

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Iran, Not Iraq, Fuels the ‘Rumsfeld Rebellion’

Dick Cheney and Don Rumsfeld in theirFord Administration days The retired generals (presumably, as is typical in U.S. public life, speaking on behalf of those still on active duty, since they can’t speak for themselves) who have — in a … Continue reading

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Osama, the Gunners and Me

Why Argentina? Yet another OBL photoshop job found on the Web Note to CIA Bin Laden trackers: If you want to catch OBL on Wednesday April 19, find a pub anywhere in Waziristan that has ESPN access, or conversely, do … Continue reading

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Toasting God’s Terrorism and Other Passover Themes

1. Passover is About Liberation; Not Simply About Jews In that hungry eternity of singing and praying in an alien tongue that spanned from your first taste of haroset on matzoh to the arrival of the matzoh ball soup, you … Continue reading

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Win-Win Solution on Immigration and Empire

Rather than British ground troops, Britain relied on an 80-percent Indian force to police Iraq. And when that couldn’t do the trick, the Royal Air Force pioneered the art of dropping bombs on population-centers Far be it from me to … Continue reading

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Why Germany Won’t Win the World Cup

Mourinho’s white flag: Robert Huth 1. They’re too home-based Most of the world’s best footballers earn their living in one of three domestic leagues: Spain’s La Liga; Italy’s Seria A; and the English Premiership. In other words, Germany’s Bundesliga is … Continue reading

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Ten Reasons Why Oslo Failed

I recently found this piece I wrote for in October of 2000, trying to come to grips with the reasons for the failure of the Israeli-Palestinian peace process. This was two months after Camp David, just as the Israelis … Continue reading

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