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Fit to Print? The NY Times on Iraq

Abdul Mahdi good; Jaafari bad, says the paper of record. They should know Sometimes, it’s hard to read the New York Times on Iraq without laughing out loud on the subway. First, there was Sunday’s editorial, which blithely parroted the … Continue reading

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Nationalism vs. Globalization in the Jihadist Camp

Not the face of Iraq’s insurgency The news, if it proves true, that Musab al-Zarqawi has been forced to step down as the leader of a coalition of Jihadi groups in Iraq underscores a point made here last November: That … Continue reading

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Foul For Love

The thing about chowhounding, is that sooner or later the New York Times always catches up and turns your favorite little outer-borough mama’s-kitchen haunts — that you either happened upon or were clued into by more energetic and committed chowhounds … Continue reading

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