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Another ‘Flesh Wound’ for Chalabi

Remember that scene in Monty Python and the Holy Grail in which the Black Knight loses three limbs in a sword fight and ends up hopping around on one leg, insisting that he’s suffered only a flesh wound, and insisting … Continue reading

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The Price of Solidarity

Driving my kids to school through the gridlocked streets approaching the Brooklyn Bridge Tuesday morning, past picket lines of dreadlocked transit workers chanting “No contract, no work!” — their action paralyzing a mass transit system that ferries 7 million people … Continue reading

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Making the Muslim World Laugh

Okay, kudos to Albert Brooks for his new film Looking for Comedy in the Muslim World, which parodies U.S. ignorance of the lands it is trying to transform. The plot line has Brooks playing an unemployed comedian contracted by the … Continue reading

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Who’ll Stop Brazil?

Ronaldinho: For the defending team, a player who smiles that much on the ball is just plain scary Premilinary Thoughts on the World Cup Draw There’s Brazil, and then there are the rest. I recently had a look at the … Continue reading

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Are Jews White?

A Jewish convict in California has applied to the state’s courts to have the penal system reclassify him from “white” to “other”, for practical reasons of personal security: When the prison is locked down because of any clash among prisoners, … Continue reading

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Don’t they know it’s Kwanzaa?

Published in the Cape Times, December 1997 Only in America, as the saying goes. Africans spending their first holiday season in New York are usually surprised to find that sharing equal billing with Christmas and Chanukah (which gets pretty much … Continue reading

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Will U.S. Troops Leave Iraq?

Yes, there will be a big change next year in the number and nature of U.S. forces deployed in Iraq, and in their location and mission. But no, this is not a prelude to a full and expeditious departure desired … Continue reading

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