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Death in the Afternoon

Okay, time to start cranking up the World Cup output, updating the big picture with quick takes on all things mundial. This week: Teen titan Cesc 1. Why I’m suddenly bullish on Spain — not to win, but perhaps to … Continue reading

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Abu Mazen Offers a Punchline

I’d never figured Mahmoud Abbas for Rupert Pupkin, but you’ve got to admire the guy’s material — and his exquisite comic timing. Latest example: The punchline he offered after Hamas presented him with its cabinet: “Yes, but Hamas has failed … Continue reading

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Iraq is the 51st State

1. It’s Official: Iraq is the 51st State Amid all the Bush dissembling that marked the third anniversary of his Iraq invasion, it might be easy to forget that we got into this mess because the Democrats and the media … Continue reading

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More Pro-Israel Than the Israelis

The news that Israeli officials are alarmed that the Israel lobby in the U.S. is going overboard in its response to the Hamas victory should come as no surprise. Ever since I first arrived here, I’ve been struck by the … Continue reading

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A Self-Defeating Iran Strategy

The boundaries between the U.S. and Israeli flags literally blur in the backdrop as Cheney threatens Iran from the podium of the America Israel Political Action Committe Last September, I noted that “the Bush administration appears not to have gamed … Continue reading

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Avian Flu is Bad for You…

Five reasons you should buy Karl Taro Greenfeld’s new book , “The China Syndrome” — besides the fact that it’s a gripping chronicle of China’s handling of the SARS outbreak in 2003 is a timely and frightening read as the … Continue reading

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Will Arab-Baiting Get Dems Re-elected?

“We now smell the scent of victory.” That was how Charles Schumer, the demagogic Senator from New York responded to the announcement that Dubai Ports World, the international shipping company that had bought the British firm P&O and thereby acquired … Continue reading

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Bite-Size Prophecies on CNN

Appropos recent developments on the Palestinian front, I dug up this transcript of June 2002 interview I did on CNN before a Sharon-Bush summit. Extract: LIN: But Tony, do you see agreement between President Bush and Yasser Arafat that both … Continue reading

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