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Is Condi Rice Finally Growing Up?

Here’s to Condi… After five years of impotent hawkish posturing has done nothing to restrain North Korea’s nuclear program, the Bush Administration is finally showing the maturity to admit defeat — by its actions, if not in as many words. … Continue reading

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How Jewish is Israel?

Israel is still largely shaped by the unresolved trauma of its birth My favorite Israeli newspaper Haaretz (the best paper in the Middle East, along with Lebanon’s Daily Star) asked me to contribute to a debate in their pages on … Continue reading

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Bend it Like Mahmoud?

Ahmedinajad trains with Iran’s World Cup Squad Having failed so far to get any traction on efforts to impose sanctions on Iran, frustration is creeping in among some of its foes as they seek new, innovative ways to punish Tehran. … Continue reading

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U.S. and Gadhafi: Oil is Forgiven

If President Bush’s immigration speech was an attempt to divert attention from his failures in Iraq, then Condi Rice’s announcement this week that the U.S. would restore diplomatic ties with Libya — and that Iran and North Korea should take … Continue reading

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Hamba Kahle, Ace Ntsoelengoe

If you were a white boy in the suburbs of Cape Town during the heyday of apartheid in the early 1970s, you didn’t know any black people. Not only socially, but even as public figures. That was the whole idea: … Continue reading

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Behind Ahmedinajad’s Letter

You don’t see much of this man in the Western media, but Hassan Rohani speaks for Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, the man who actually rules Iran. Rohani is promoting a negotiating agenda quite different from Ahmedinajad’s — and he has the … Continue reading

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Iran’s Girls of Summer

Iranian women recently cheering on their women’s national soccer team in a match against Germany President Mahmoud Ahmindenajad may be a hardline hawk and who spends much of his time constructing political messages that challenge Iran’s ruling Mullahs from the … Continue reading

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Roasting Bush, Shaming the Media

Colbert: Dirty work, but somebody has to do it The media furor over whether Comedy Central’s conservative talking head-impersonator Stephen Colbert’s sharp-elbowed humor roasting President Bush at the White House Correspondents Dinner (video link here) was funny or not seems … Continue reading

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Why Jack Straw Lost his Job

Plainly, the Tony Party is in deep, deep trouble. Labour not only got thumped in local elections all over Britain, it actually finished third. Hardly surprising, really, given the shambles that Blair’s cabinet had become, with John Prescott gefuffling with … Continue reading

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From Zarqawi’s Cutting Room Floor…

In the director’s cut, Zarqawi looks every inch the rambo figure as he busts loose with a heavy machine gun. The outtakes show he needed some help to fire the thing Yuck. You don’t really want to use the “cutting … Continue reading

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