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Singh Country

How about a nice cup of chai? Hollywood’s traditional idea of a New York cabbie is probably Robert De Niro’s alienated Vietnam vet Travis Bickle, or the wiseguy Jews, Italians and Poles of the 1970s TV hit show “Taxi.” But … Continue reading

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Jihadists vs. Baathists: The Amman Bombing and the Iraqi Insurgency

Saddam and King Abdallah compete for pride of place in an Amman storefront The alliance between the global jihadists of Al Qaeda in Iraq and the various Baathist and other national Islamist and nationalist forces who make up the vast … Continue reading

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Bush el Libertador? You’re Having a Laugh!

September 11, 1973: Chile’s Presidential palace is bombed as a U.S.-backed coup overthrows the democratically elected government 1. Latin America’s 9/11 To understand why President Bush was rebuffed — politely in some cases, less so in others — by the … Continue reading

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What’s Good for the Jews…

Serge Gainsbourg records in Jamaica In my “What is Rootless Cosmopolitan?” manifesto, I hinted at my belief that being dispersed among the nations (the “Diaspora”) is not some catastrophe to have befallen Jews, as the Zionists maintain; on the contrary, … Continue reading

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The Clerico-Kremlinology of Iran’s Israel Threat

Working class hero? In the lexicon of Iran’s faith-based institutional-revolutionary establishment, calling for Israel’s elimination is– well, an article of faith. It’s one of those cornerstones of an outlook whose restatement is, for the most part, unecessary. Ahmedinajad was speaking, … Continue reading

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