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The Miami ‘Terror’ Bust: Where’s Flava?

First thing I thought when I started reading (and writing about) the “plot” to blow up the Sears tower in Chicago, was: Where’s Flavor Flav with his giant pocket watch? Rather than trained terrorists for whom stealth and secrecy is … Continue reading

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Is This Zionism or Anti-Semitism?

What would you call a politician who said that the “national homeland” of French or American or Argentinian Jews was not France or the U.S. or Argentina, implying that they were properly part of another nation with its own homeland … Continue reading

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Bush to Iraq: Try Socialism!

Now here’s a turnup for the books to confound the Naomi Klein crowd who think Bush invaded Iraq to impose free-market globalization on its economy: As part of his new plan for what some in the media call a “post-Zarqawi … Continue reading

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Suicide as PR

So, it turns out that one of the three detainees who committed suicide at Guantanamo over the weekend was due to be released but had not been told. But if that seems a poignant comment on the whole system of … Continue reading

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Zarqawi Death Suggests the U.S. Has Brought the Baathists in From the Cold

Late last year, after Musab al-Zarqawi’s group bombed hotels in Jordan, I wrote that the move would widen the rift between Zarqawi and the nationalist-Baathist leadership of the Iraq insurgency. It was already clear back then that the U.S. was … Continue reading

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