Are Jews White?


A Jewish convict in California has applied to the state’s courts to have the penal system reclassify him from “white” to “other”, for practical reasons of personal security: When the prison is locked down because of any clash among prisoners, prisoners are segregated on ethnic lines. That means in a moment of stress in the prison, he’d find himself sharing a cell with Aryan Nation thugs, for whom his yarmulke is an invitation to a pogrom. But while his purposes are prudent, Steven Liebb has raised an interesting question. Even more interesting, perhaps, is the extent to which that question makes many Jews uncomfortable.

Jews, historically, are no more “white” than Jesus was. Our roots are Semitic, not European. And the emergence of more typically “European” features among some of us – blond or red hair, blue eyes, for example, or even simply the pinkish skin that is misnamed “”white” (as Steve Biko pointed out when asked how people with brown skin could call themselves “”black”) – all of these are likely signs of our interaction with others in Europe, whether on fortuitous terms or unfortunate ones. (When Woody Allen wailed “My grandmother was too busy being raped by Cossacks,” he wasn’t speaking only for himself – and Jewish law had accomodated such realities hundreds of years previously, in the early centuries of the Diaspora, by making a Jewish mother the source of the faith’s genetic transfer.)

But the term “white” as Steven Liebb in his prison cell has recognized has little to do with features, or even with culture or ethnicity. As the South African experience taught all too well, “white” is simply a political boundary, a term of inclusion and exclusion.

I was also reminded of the odd relationship between Jewish identity and “whiteness” recently when a friend forwarded to me one of those bizarre emails that circulate among right-wing Zionists revealing supposedly “expert” arguments in defense of their most vile prejudices – this one ostensibly from a Spanish columnist in Europe crying crocodile tears for the Jews of Auschwitz — by destroying its Jews, the argument went, Europe had instead inherited “20 million Muslims who brought us stupidity and ignorance, religious extremism and lack of tolerance, crime and poverty.” I responded angrily, in an email, that the Spanish had actually driven out their Jews, along with their Muslims, in 1492, almost 500 years before Auschwitz. And as for “stupidity and ignorance,” his column was evidence that those qualities had continued to flourish in the interim. But it was worth noting that the Muslims of Andalusia had, in fact, introduced in Europe everything from mathematics to toothpaste, deodorant and laundry detergent.

But then I got to thinking about why it was that feeble-minded Zionists would draw comfort and relief from the crocodile tears of a Spanish racist, suddenly willing to recognize the Jews as an ally against the “Muslim horde.” (That also overlooked the fact that it was for the most part in the lands of Islam that Spanish Jews took refuge from Christian persecution in Spain. And we shared with the Muslims a common victimization at the hands of the Inquisition and the Crusades. When Saladdin drove the Crusaders from Jerusalem, the first thing he did was invite the Jews to return — the great Rabbi and philosopher Maimonides was the personal physician to Saladdin, the most venerated Muslim warrior in history.) But something tells me the people who circulate these emails would be very uncomfortable with the knowledge that for hundreds of years, we were far more at home with the Muslims — even a militant jihadi like Saladdin — than we ever were among the Christians of the West. Nor would they, and probably many other Jews, be comfortable acknowledging that we might not be entirely “white.”

I was invited, growing up in apartheid South Africa, to imagine myself as “White.” I lived in neighborhoods reserved for white people, went to schools reserved for white people, where I was taught the brittle racist mythologies that undergirded minority rule; I was allowed the vote (although I never exercised it) and was expected to serve two years in the military, like other white men my age. (Another piece of South African “whiteness” I managed to avoid.) But at the same time, there was never any doubt that we Jews were accepted as “white” somewhat under sufferance.

Although a small number of British and German Jews had settled in the Cape in the 19th century, when the first Ostjuden arrived in the rough and tumble mining town that was Johannesburg towards the turn of that century, they were widely, if somewhat inexplicably, termed “Peruvians.” The “white” people of South Africa had also placed immigration quotas on Jews in the 1930s. Like Greek and Portuguese South Africans, we were labeled “see-kaffirs” (“ocean-niggers”) by some Afrikaners – politically unreliable; culturally alien; preferred soccer to rugby (that being, in the apartheid imagination, a “black” game over a “white” game); and, in the case of Jews, we bore the burden of the inherited stereotype that the “whites” of South Africa had brought from Christian Europe (stingy, conniving, untrustworthy, damned by the killing of Christ, that sort of thing…) as well as the latterday suspicion, grounded perhaps in the wildly disproportionate number of Jews among “white” people who had actively aligned themselves with the liberation movement, that we were all inclined to be “kaffir-boeties” (culturally translated as “nigger-lovers”).

Despite the resulting low-intensity social anti-semitism, the regime needed all the help it could get. Even though many of them had been active Nazi sympathizers, they had enough realpolitik to welcome the Jews into the system – even more so when they began a fruitful military collaboration with Israel, one of the few countries willing to ignore international sanctions against the apartheid regime.

But South Africa was also a good education in the meaning of “white.” It implied no singularity of identity, but rather an exclusion set, as captured in the traditional apartheid signs on all amenities reserving them either “For Whites Only” or for “Non-Whites Only.”

The meaning of “white” is best illustrated by a slang term I encountered at school: someone deemed to be trying to act above their station was accused of “getting white,” as in “don’t get white, hey!”(Of course this was used among people classified white, and the put down was in implying that someone else wasn’t, because to be other than white in apartheid South Africa was to be subordinate.) The apotheosis of this usage, for me, came in a documentary by Guy Spiller, in which he recorded a white working-class family watching TV footage of the release of Nelson Mandela. “Fuck it,” one of the sons clucks resignedly, “the kaffirs have been getting white lately, but now… now, they’re going to get whiter than white.”

And then of course there was the “flexibility” in the system driven by realpolitik. The B-List soul singer Percy Sledge came to Cape Town in 1970, and was put up at the President Hotel, which was reserved for “Whites Only.” It was good for the system to have Percy there, though, separately entertaining black and white audiences with “When a Man Loves a Woman” and “Come Softly,” however, so an accommodation was made: Percy was housed in a separate suite, in which he was served his meals and held his parties, in the process pioneering a new category in apartheid legalese that allowed others to follow: He was the system’s first “honorary white.”)

So are Jews “white”?

Well, we’ve begun to establish that this is a political rather than “ethnic” question. We weren’t for a long time, although that began to change in Western Europe in the wake of the Reformation. And in the last century, many of us have been, uh, acting white. For various political, economic and moral reasons, we’ve been accepted into the mainstream “white” establishment in much of the West. The Zionist movement in its early discourse explicitly appealed to the European imperial powers on the basis that Jews emigrating to Palestine would help bear “the white man’s burden,” serving as an outpost of Western civilization against the native hordes. And it’s hardly surprising to me that once that outpost was established, the apartheid regime recognized it as a fellow traveler, an outpost of Western civilization defending itself against the brown-skinned hostiles.

Mensch-edik Bolshevik:
Joe Slovo

In South Africa, of course, the mainstream leadership of the Jewish community did its best to persuade the apartheid regime of its “whiteness,” and to distance itself from Jews (like Joe Slovo, Dennis Goldberg and Ruth First) had become leaders of the liberation movement. Rather than taking pride in the fact, they were acutely embarrassed by the preponderance of Jews among the white faces in the dock alongside Mandela, or in the ranks of the ANC more generally. I’ll never forget debating the head of the Jewish Board of Deputies at an annual Habonim camp on “The Role of Jews in South Africa.” After my pep talk about a Jew’s place being in the struggle, and how these idealistic young people would find a natural home there in a movement that has long idolized the likes of Dennis Goldberg (then a political prisoner jailed along with Mandela), Joe Slovo (then commander of the ANC’s armed wing), Ray Alexander, Rusty Bernstein and so on; the Board of Deputies guy stepped up and began “Jews are not radicals, Jews are not subversives…” Now he was talking to an audience of 17-year-old in their second week of a socialist summer camp, where the air was filled with raging teenage hormones, the occasional whiff of weed and rampant change-the-world idealism. And this while the townships were burning. Let’s just say it was no contest. After all, if Judaism is about values and ethics, rather than just a tribal identity, then anyone who wasn’t a subversive or a revolutionary in apartheid South Africa wasn’t a very good Jew. Trying to be “white” in South Africa wasn’t a very Jewish choice for Jews.

And between the collaborationist instinct of the Board of Deputies in the apartheid years, and the glee that right-wing Zionists appear to feel when they mail around diatribes by some Spanish fascist arguing that the big mistake of Europe’s “whites” was to rid themselves of their Jews, there is a link.

Let’s just say when Jews try too hard to be “white” they often end up in political spaces where no Jew should feel comfortable.

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  1. Mikhael says:

    I’ve read so many misinformed and asinine comments here, based on so many strange assumptions, I don’t know where to begin. First off, there is the strange, mistaken premise that one with olive skin cannot be truly “white”—this excludes from “whiteness” many white Europeans from Europe’s southern tier from places like Sicily, Greece, Portugal. Some other person also made the classic mistake of conflating Muslims with Arabs and stated Muslims are dark skinned–ok, that person was answered correctly when someone else responded that you can be a Muslim of any race or ethnicity if you practice the Muslim religion. Which brings me to “Natan’s” assertion, (#23 of January 2008) who states that he is an Israeli whose family has unbroken lineage in the Land of Israel since the time of the Roman expulsion and has olive skin and that makes him a pure Jew. First off, I believe that the only Jews who can documentarily prove unbroken residence in the Holy Land for 2,000 years come from the town of Pekiin in Galilee, now predominantly Druze. Others can prove residence in the Land of Israel going back 1,000 years–but the P’kiin Jews are the only ones who can document it going back 2,000 years. So, if “Natan’s” story is true, his family must come from P’kiin. Natan states, among other things “I will tell you right now that I do not actually consider myself Arab. However, I have olive-toned skin, dark brown hair, and green eyes, all representative of a mix of Arab and Phoenician blood…. my appearance is a combination of the two. But I must tell all of you who have blond hair, blue eyes, and light skin: You are, unfortunately, not ancestrally Jewish, or not more than a small percentage. There is no way that anyone who lived in Israel as a Jew 2,000 years ago had blond hair or light skin”

    Now, while it is possible that most of the light-skinned, fair-haired Ashkenazim did get those features by intermixing with European non-Jewish populations, even if true, it doesn’t mean that they don’t also have Middle Eastern Jewish descent–and genetic testing of Ashkenazi Jews has confirmed that they do have substantial Middle Eastern ancestry. On the other hand, contrary to Natan’s assertion, there are many in the Middle East, Jews and non-Jews alike, who are indeed fair-skinned and fair-haired. Much of the population of Lebanon and Syria (perhaps a good 20%) are quite fair, have blond hair and blue eyes, and can be easily mistaken for “white ” Europeans. Additionally, a substantial portion of Ashkenazi Jews are indeed swarthy and olive-skinned and look very stereotypically, phenotypically “Middle Eastern”. Who is to say that the Ashkenazim who are blond and blue-eyed got that look from mixing with Germanic and Slav people, or from the small minority of Middle Easterners who were fair? It has been asserted that the fair-skinned Arabs of Lebanon and Syria derive those looks from “Crusader blood”–or Balkan peoples (like Bosnians, Albanians) brought in the Turks. Maybe. Or maybe there were always some fair-skinned people in the region going way back even before the Crusades. Or maybe both. So I don’t know why Natan is so confident that there were no blond and blue-eyed Jews in the Middle East 2,000+ years ago. Does he have any photographs from that time? Most likely, *most* Jews living in Eretz Yisrael 2,000 years ago were swarthy and “olive-toned” in appearance. But that doesn’t mean a few of them could not have been fairer-skinned. In any case, as I said before…who says that a swarthy and olive-toned person can’t be white? Who obsesses about such things? Racists do, that’s who!

  2. Glen says:

    I don’t understand why you would use a derogatory term as “Jew” to describe your supposedly hebraic ancestry. You and most of the contributors to this blog, skirt around the issue of the true ethnicity of the original Hebrew Israelite “Jew”. When we do a simple historical analysis of your subject question, we find it, in fact, as simple as dark and light. Let’s not be so ignorant as to not acknowledge that Abraham and his family came from the “Chaldean” region. We know the people of that region at the time looked very DARK in appearance with negroid features! If a person claims “Jewish/Hebrew” ancestry, they have to answer your question with a resounding NO!

  3. Edwin says:

    I’ll try to keep this brief, especially in answer to the previous blogger above. I have met many Assyrians in Chicago. They are from the “Chaldean” region he refers to. They are rather light skinned or Mediterranean, and remind me of Israelis. Also, amazingly, their Christian holy books are understandable to me, since they are in what I term “Jewish Aramaic”, the Aramaic we learn in yeshivah (fascinating subject, but I do not want to go too far off topic). The question “Are Jews White” is more one of psychology than anything else. Genetic testing shows Jewish communities in Europe and the Middle East are linked closely to each other.

  4. Edwin says:

    Let me elaborate on the psychology of this. I am of German-Jewish background, Jewish on both sides. I don’t know if younger Jewish people think like this, but I often wonder whenever I meet new white people whether they can “tell” that I am Jewish. I feel many white people have stereotypes about Jews, even if they are well-meaning. It’s part of the culture and it is all around us. People often want to know if I “am”. It is important to them to KNOW. I say white people because when I meet blacks I do not feel the same pressure. If blacks are biased against Jews it is more recent, not ingrained through generations. I don’t take it too seriously. Remember, I am talking subjectively here. This is not about politics. It is about psychology. Do I feel white? Yes and no. I felt both rejected and somwehow vindicated when people have told me I am not white (two friends have said it and not in a mean way). Yet I also identify with people who are non-white. I feel both white and non-white at the same time. I feel like I am “passing” every day of my life. I want to add I love all people. I love white people and I love black people and identify with both, and as much as they sometimes annoy me I love my Jewish people. Shalom and love to all. — Edwin

  5. jonathan says:

    Europeans,Middle Easterners and North Africans art generally considered caucasians. In black african countries and in East Asia people think of Middle Easterners as white. Of course jews are white,just like arabs,persians,assyrians and berbers. Their are regional differences within the caucaisian people as it is within the mongoloid and negroid people. But hey, at the end of the day we are all Human Beings.

  6. gavin says:

    Most refreshingly honest take to the uncomfortable question.Always great to draw parrallels with the South African version of white which is more subtle in Europe and the USA.
    Please I beg you to send this article to the prime defender David Saks ( Mr play white himself)Great article.

  7. mike says:

    Of course jews and arabs,persian turks are white.look at the asian people like indonesia there darker then japanese but both are asian.Look at africans the sudanese are darker then some but look at facial features.all caucasian people have round eyes long face,bulky body.caucasian must have had neanderthals there bulky and white skin and they spread from britain to iran.Actually by dna iranians dna is similar to german and polish.there language is indo european

  8. Freddie Bendell says:

    I’m a Jew and have light olive skin but I really like Greek olives and other kinds, too. Sometimes, I take the pimento kind and love them. So I don’t know if I’m a Caucasian since I’ve never been to the Caucasus or an Australian since my wife won’t let me go ‘down under.’

  9. Ted Soans says:

    You have mention good post above I really enjoy the information. I like to come again on your site in future…

  10. Kawika says:

    OK, let’s settle this:
    Even though there have been various racial strains admixed into the Jewish bloodlines, Jews are basically Caucasians of the Armenoid type. As are Arabs, Armenians et al.

  11. Europeans,Middle Easterners and North Africans art generally considered caucasians. In black african countries and in East Asia people think of Middle Easterners as white. Of course jews are white,just like arabs,persians,assyrians and berbers. Their are regional differences within the caucaisian people as it is within the mongoloid and negroid people. But hey, at the end of the day we are all Human Beings.

  12. Jessi says:

    Yes, the Jewish people are no doubt white. In genetic study the Jewish people belong to the same DNA group as Italians, who are quite white. All middle-eastern people are white according to their genes. (In fact the Jewish people are closer to being ‘true white’ (Aryan) than most other groups in the white race) Throughout history many white ethnic groups have been discriminated against. It can be very easy for modern Jews to feel ‘non-white’ because of un-educated people telling them that they are not. At one time in America Germans, Italians, Jews, and the Irish were considered non white! People like to think that being white comes with special treatment, and therefore like to include people they like as being white and people that they don’t as being non-white…however, genetics tell another story. Genetic research tells us that all people that come from Europe (Germans, Irish, English, French, Hungarian, Greek, ect.), the Middle East (Jews, Arabs, Berbers ect.), and North Africa (Egyptian, Libyan, Moroccan, ect.) are white. I am German and my loving, wonderful husband is Jewish. Upon asking him if he considered himself white he replied: “Well duh!” I wish everyone could find it this obvious!

  13. I am of German-Jewish background, Jewish on both sides. I don’t know if younger Jewish people think like this, but I often wonder whenever I meet new white people whether they can “tell” that I am Jewish. I feel many white people have stereotypes about Jews, even if they are well-meaning. It’s part of the culture and it is all around us. People often want to know if I “am”. It is important to them to KNOW. I say white people because when I meet blacks I do not feel the same pressure. If blacks are biased against Jews it is more recent, not ingrained through generations. I don’t take it too seriously. Remember, I am talking subjectively here. This is not about politics. It is about psychology. Do I feel white? Yes and no. I felt both rejected and somwehow vindicated when people have told me I am not white (two friends have said it and not in a mean way). Yet I also identify with people who are non-white. I feel both white and non-white at the same time. I feel like I am “passing” every day of my life. I want to add I love all people. I love white people and I love black people and identify with both, and as much as they sometimes annoy me I love my Jewish people

  14. sharon says:

    Growing up as an Israeli immigrant to the U.S., I never felt comfortable defining myself as “white.” I grew up thinking of “WHITES” as Anglo/Saxon, Scandinavian, etc., My parents were born in Morocco and I am of Spanish extraction. Going to public school, I often came across forms that required me to check off my “RACE.” I would write “HUMAN.” To really piss the idiots off, I would mark African-American and Hispanic. At one point, my guidance counselor made a comment that I made a MISTAKE on my form…(LOL). I told him my parents were both born in Africa and I am more African than someone who is here for 10 generations! And that for over 1,000 I can trace my roots to Toledo, Spain. I am more Spanish than a Puerto-Rican or honduran that may speak Spanish, but are not necessarily of Spanish extraction…they are Taiono or aboriginal Americans. Whatever…jsut ridiculous for people to delve into this in such a manner. WHite, Black, Brown, Yellow…at the end of the day, we are all humans with more similarities than differences. Our struggles, ambitions, fears, needs, wants, etc., are just like everyone else’s. This is the root cause of all problems on planet earth; pointing out differences rather than similarities!

  15. jesuah says:

    Since beginning of time recorded (persia, and egypt) the jews were slaves, as they went along they co-opted stories from their owners cultures and incorporated them into a book (testament) and so as most repressed cultures do, they created reasons for their plight that alleviated their anguish at having no great collective works or civilization.
    They as desert nomads and slaves were country-less and barbaric (backwards) even until the late 18th century when they for the most part having been rejected by almost every country formed as sons of zion.
    Indirectly asking their people to come out of hiding and try to compete within the more advanced, far WEALTHIER western cultures in order to secure a place for themselves and perhaps a home country.
    They have done well in certain parts and especially the new world of humanistic rights (USA.
    There are so few of them and they are without cultural wealth that they must continue to spin stories in order to relieve the anguish of the past.
    They now have a small country given to them by westernerns, hoping they will relocate there.
    Always at war or raising socialistic and marxist ruckus, they generally have a bigger bark then bite and thus gravitate to media and story-telling (religion)(law)(snake-oil salesmanship) to paint a false picture of the past and to manipulate the facts of the present.
    They are good people and good story-tellers but in considerable denial of the past! the words infidel, barbaric, backwards and people of lie have been used to describe them. The Hitler and Joseph Stalin (both jews) killed more jews then anyone.
    The books of karl marx have resulted in more death and misery (see mao,hitler,stalin,etc) then all the wars of nationalism and religion combined since they were laid down.
    They are welcomed in the world as are all of humanity but they spin falsehoods in your face.
    Who said tell a lie often enough and soon you will begin to believe it! This is the creed. ….

  16. stev says:

    “Who said tell a lie often enough and soon you will begin to believe it! This is the creed.”

    That would be “Joseph Goebbels”, whom, by reading your hateful post, is no doubt a hero of yours, as you have put his philosophy into practice with your lie filled ramblings.

  17. Prevention is thus the best measure But, it just seems that things just aren’t right Instead, we cried and felt anger that you weren’t able to identify and take your son home over a week ago A person has to decide and define, just who they are

  18. joe c says:

    All of u are white gentiles stop being ashamed of who u are and be thankful

  19. DNA and anthropological studies suggest that Abraham’s people had a red skin tone similar to his Annu ancestors and descendants. This would explain why David was described as being ruddy, or reddish.

  20. Wonderful! today many liberal-leftists state that Jews have no right to ‘The State of Israel’ because they are artificial Jews, the Ashkennazi originating from Khazaria. what a lot of garbage. The majority of Askenazi jews that I know all have semitic features and you wouldn’t tell the difference between them or the Sefardic and Mizrahi Jews of origins in Turkey, Greece, Albania, Croatia, Morocco, Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, Iraq, Syria, and even Iran, many Jews from Culcutta in India also originated from Iraq, Iran and Syria and also look the same. Many Askenazi jews i know could easily pass off as Arabs. Jews are both a definite ethnic group aswell as being a religion.
    DNA testing has proved that Ashkenazi jews from Poland match with Iraqi Jews but not with Polish gentiles, the same applied to the Iraqi Jews no match with Iraqi non-Jews. That test proved that even their separation for over two thousand years by the Roman dispersian of the Jews from Judea didn’t alter the fact that they are still with one another connected through their DNA. Hitler didn’t distinguish who looked jewish and who didn’t he had 6,000,000 Jews genocided. So I say to these Liberal-leftists who hate Israel so much and want it destroyed, go and demonstrate for the ill treatment of Coptic-Christians 10% of the Egyptian population who’s situation has detoriated since the ‘Arab-Spring’ (more like the Arab-Winter) demonstrate against the dictator president Bashar al-Assad of Syria to the crimes he has committed against his own people with the use of his Army using tanks and assassin snipers against defenceless men women children and babies. demostrate for the Arab christians throughout Iraq who have left in their thousands because of persecution and forced conversion to Islam, demostrate for the Christians of Gaza who have been raped, tortured murdered, young girls taken away by force to be threatened with death unless they converted to Islam. But no Israel has to always be blamed for all the trouble in the Middle-East.

  21. Lydia Radden says:

    I’m of Sephardi Jewish ancestry, from Portugal. I’m brown-skinned with kinky curly hair, while my parents have white skin, due to the admixture of Celtic. For generations my family boar white skin, then came me quite unique and different, resembling my Hebrew ancestors. Well that didn’t go to well for many Jews, i.e. my family trying to pass in order to escape persecution. Thus, I was given to a black family of mixed Jewish heritage to raise, back in the U.S. It turned out to be a nightmare, because I learned the hard way, quite a few blacks are equally prejudiced towards Jews as white Anglo-Saxons. I’m a product of what geneticists term as ‘recombinant DNA”. The movie “Skin” reflects this phenomenon. It’s a shame that much of the history written on Jews/Hebrews doesn’t reflect their true origins, as well as morphological features.

  22. There is a great deal of mis-information on this subject. Perhaps this will be helpful:

  23. This is a thoughtful article. I’m going to link to it at my blog. Thanks!

  24. Andrew says:

    Why is it that some people are so ignorant that they say ancient Jews were black? Israeli’s have olive skin and short black curly hair. Also, if they were black, how could Job have black skin upon him. He States ” My skin is black upon me”, how can a already black man turn black? It make no sense. Oh, and Jesus’ real name was Yahshua Ha’Mashiach and he had both OLIVE skin and SHORT black hair. If someone could explain why people think Jews were black, it would be appreciated.

  25. Gus says:

    So please expaine, Egypt is on the continent of Africa and yet Jews are not Black but the rest of Africa is. So white Jews are the only ones the world looks apon as Jews. In Brooklyn, NY you have a large Jewish population along with Black Jews, but they are never seen. How is it that Egypt is part of the dark continent yet not when it comes to race. If you can trace your faimly history, and it’s from Africa your Black. White people love to say that if your from Egypt your not white, I would have to say they are just lieing and want to keep the lies going. Tell me I’m wrong?

  26. Gus says:

    Being Jewish is not a race of people its a religion just like any other religion. Any one can join and change thier religon. I can become Jewish just like you can become a Catholic.

  27. There is plenty of scientific evidence to support the Kushite ancestry of Abraham.

  28. Michael says:

    what a load of Rubbish. You are not the Israelite or Hebrews or Jews. You are Ashkenazi and have nothing to do with the Chosen people of God. But, that will soon be attested. For God even warn those nation that say they are when they are not, what he will do to them that come between Him and his people. Just like he warned those nations that have Jerusalem, when he said she shall be a thorn in your side. Remember you are from the Asian stock and therefore there will be many similarities when determining genetical issues. Further, when Moses was tested by God he said Moses put your hand in your blossom and when he withdrew it it was white as snow. Hardy necessary to do if Moses was white, remember he was shock at the sight. Ashkenazi had been mentioned by Jeremiah has coming with two other kingdom from the North. Surely if they were Israel he would have mentioned that fact. Ezkiel also noted the nations that shall come from the North into Israel. It is odd that Ashkenazi have been mentioned not only in the bible but other material all of which link them with gog and magog when looking at Japhetic tribes, them being the sons of Gomer. It is ironic that that they (Ashkenazi) were part of the 22 nations that was shut up behind the wall by Alexander the Great, of which gog and magog is also mentioned along with the Paks, Alani, etc. Having noted what Hitler had done to the Ashkenazi at work camps, it is highly unlikely that they would have survived the harshness of the Egypytian whose name then was kemmit which even the psalms referred to has the Land of Ham. IF you were the true children of Israel I can assure you the Land would not give you any trouble and all would grow ease and they would not need to build walls. The Asians would withdraw and the Moslem temple on the temple mount would collapse. So sorry to disappoint and remember they said let his blood be on us and our children’s head, a curse that still hold today because he said Israel shall live amongst the Gentiles and all they do shall amount to nothing, they shall be hated and no joy found in them. But, I shall come and take them out of these lands not for their sake but for my name sake.

  29. cliff says:

    kindly tell me why Solomon is described as having woolly hair. this hair is associated black African hair. So can we say Solomon was white or black.

  30. whateverMan says:

    The best line in this post: “White is a term of exclusion.”

    That’s why back in the ’90s, when right-wingers were pushing a philosophy of social darwinism on everyone, and wanted to co-opt ignorant east asians into their hateful fold, they were talking about asians being “probationary whites.” I think Bill O’Reilly himself actually used that term.

    Asians aren’t from europe, aren’t linked genetically, etc. Yet a few were referring to themselves as white, and insidious nazis were calling them “probationary whites,” in an effort to recruit them into the war against black people (and get lots of free sex from stupid asian girls). “Whiteness” was the reward, simply a term of inclusion or exclusion for political purposes, as it has ever been.

    With regard to jews being white: Jews are jews. Even ashkenazi jews have jewish history in their genes, no matter how light they are. They likely got their light color in europe the same way that Roma got theirs, my intermixing. That doesn’t mean they have no connection with middle eastern jews. Nor does it mean that their ancestors didn’t look a lot like osama bin laden.

    …But the really interesting issue surrounding jews and “whiteness” is this one: increasingly (ironically) you’re seeing more jews come out on the side of white supremacy. I found it fascinating that there were images of young jews in israel shouting “white power” in opposition to Obama, and even doing the nazi salute. Some jewish essayists emphasize that the European immigration to israel made the country what it is, a hint at comradery with people who believe in white “specialness” and white right to hegemony. Then there are the neo-cons, with their social darwinism, and “bell curve” stuff. You’ll even find a few jewish apologists types posting messages on the nazi site

    As a non-jew let me go out on a limb and say your ancestors (especially those who were victims of the nazis) would be spinning in their graves.

    Fact of the matter is this: “race” means whatever people in power want it to mean at any given time. Serbs vs Croats was a ‘race’ war. Croats hating Muslims is “racism”. Race is (and has ever been) just a “stream” of people. Ask any russian in wwII what he thought of germans, and surely he’d tell you that germans are an entirely separate race of evil creatures. “Race” has always been just something political, that’s the PURPOSE behind it.

    Race is bullshit. Make it up as you go along, to exclude and team up against whoever is the outsider. What “race” doesn’t have good people and bad, geniuses and stupids, as well as peculiarly human stuff like dedicated homosexuality, downs syndrome, drug use, etc. etc. ? What “race” of people are so different that even the best of them should be excluded among people who know right from wrong? Obviously none. Unless you’re trying to exclude, marginalize, punish, or puff yourself up, race is nonsense.

    However, let’s distinguish between race and racism. Racism is very, very real, a fundamental part of humanity, and will always be with us in one form or another. Just like rape, violence, sociopathy, drug use and thievery, racism (“tribalism”) is just part of being human, though RACE can be defined whatever the way people with power want it to be defined.

    “Race” is not fundamental to humanity. RACISM is. Don’t take race seriously. Take racism very seriously.

  31. Michael S says:

    While I am a Christian Myself and support Israel, many of my Favorite Hollywood Celebrities are Jewish, if Jews are “White” in the Ethnic/Racial sense in the same way as the Irish, English,Germans,Dutch,Italians, even if Jews are “White” Still if Jews are “White” it doesn’t stop the Jews from being hated and Persecuted, if it were Scientifically Proven that Jews are White, It wouldn’t help them, Jews would still be hated and Persecuted, that is tragic, some Jews are Dark Skin, Jesus was Jewish and may have been dark skin..

  32. Just refer to a photograph of Chaim Weizman and King Faisal of iraq in 1920.
    Chaim Weizman later became the 1st president of Israel at it’s inception in 1948.
    Chaim Weizman was a so called Ashkenazi Jew, which some of you depict as false Jews.
    You are all wrong, in the photograph the late Chaim Weizman looked every inch a Semite, and easily would pass off as an Arab even more so than the late king Faisal next to him in the Photo.
    You deny that that Ashkenazi Jews of Europe are the same as the Jews from the East, however it’s been proved by DNA that though separation by almost 1,900 years of the various Jewish groups brought on by the Roman dispersion mainly after Ad 70 after the destruction by the Romans of the 2nd Temple in Jerusalem, then again after around 66-135 AD after the Roman-Judean wars. However around 90% of world Jewry can be identified not only by DNA but by appearance which is definitely Semitic whether Ashkenazi or not. You can only convert to Judaism, you will be a Jew in religion only, not though in blood. Some people on this site have also insulted the memory of the Holocaust of the 6,000,000 Jews butchered by “Adolf Hitler’s third Reich” because you have stated that Ashkenazi – Jews are not Jews, well what were they then? and why were they murdered if they weren’t authentic Jews.

  33. Sutyak says:

    If you want to get much from this paragraph then you have to apply such methods to your won blog.

  34. J Shay says:

    Judaism is a religion/culture, not “a race.” There are black Jews, Chinese Jews, Arab Jews, and so on. Jews come in all colors and appearances-there are many Jews who are
    blond and blue-eyed, with small features(of course, they are never shown on the media).
    I personally know of many Jewish people who have very light, white skin and green or blue eyes. I also know of Jews, who are much darker. However, most Jewish
    people are indeed white!


  35. Kindly note that Saladdin wasn’t an Arab he was a Kurd.
    Kurds for the most part were always friendly with the Jewish People.
    Don’t compare kurds to the Arabs, as kurds were forever victimized by them. as were the Jews.

  36. J. Shay stated that Jews are are not an ethnic group but a religion.
    Most Ashkenazi Jews whether from Poland, Germany, all have the same Semitic features,
    the majority of them could easily pass themselves off as Arabs. There is only a small admixture in some of the Jews who don’t look Semitic, either through mixed marriage, or converts, or rape.
    The DNA for example of Jews from Polish background was found to be the same as Iraqi Jews although separated by at least two millenia, Polish Jews had no match with their non-Jewish Polish countrymen, the same went for Iraqi Jews, there was no match with non-Jewish Iraqis. However their was a connexion between Ashkenazi, Mizrahi and Sephardic Jews with the Kurds. Jews originated from the same area as the Kurdish people in the Ur of the Chaldees birth place of the Prophet Abraham in Mesopotamia, today Iraq. Jews therefore are a distinct Ethnic Race of People.
    The only reason that antisemites are saying different is to de-legitimize the Jewish state of Israel.

  37. Hi, I think your site might be having browser compatibility issues.
    When I look at your blog site in Ie, it looks fine but when opening
    in Internet Explorer, it has some overlapping. I just wanted to give you a quick heads
    up! Other then that, fantastic blog!

  38. Lynn says:

    Just plain talk here because Im no scholar. My mother was FULL Lebanese from Lebanon. Her parents, both Lebanese, were very light skinned with dark hair and eyes. My mother was VERY white and would burn badly in the sun. Her eyes were brown and she had black hair. My brother looks like an Arab, he has very dark skin & tolerates sun well. I have VERY olive skin and am much darker than my mother even though my father is Irish. I look like a Mexican after a few days in the sun! My kids are VERY WHITE and can not tan at all…BUT my grandaughter is olive skinned like me and looked Mexican when she was born yet her daddy is blond with blue eyes!..bottomline? who knows? skin color can skip generations and Ive seen proof…If you burn in the sun….you are white!

  39. Paragraph writing is also a fun, if you be acquainted with after that you can write if not it is
    complicated to write.

  40. AyeSTy says:

    We can say what we want, but the fact is that Israelites were mistsken 4 Egyptians. Egyptians were very dark…from Africa…were it is very hot. Nevertheless, they had almost no clothing on. look it up. lightskinned people burn in the sun , right? science and historians agree that climate conditions determined skin pigment. the ability 4 life 2 sustain. i’m not saying that lightskinned people can’t live in hot climates…science just suggests that it would b, highly unlikely that a light completed civilization would not b indigenous 2 that region . there is a huge difference between TAN and DARK. everyone tans , but at some point it goes back 2 it’s original pigment. not color…except 1 race i can think of. this isn’t about being Jewish, it’s about Israel. it’s about the only people that have been, and continue 2 b slaves. i think that people should know the truth behind what the Nazis, or Ashke(Nazi), were really using Hitler 4. maybe it’s more about betrayal. maybe they wanted 2 hide something b4 it was made public.( “calatarol damage” ), ancestral revenge. Huh. anyone cane b Jewish….THERE’S ONLY ONE KU’SHE, (nigga).
    p.s. , white people didn’t.
    invent that word.

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    Aw, this was an exceptionally nice post. Finding the time and actual effort to create a top notch article… but what can I say… I hesitate a lot and don’t seem to get nearly anything done.|

  42. G Kerr says:

    Wow how interesting. just had DNA test back. At 60 years I find I am half European Jewish. No surprise. been asked are you Spanish, Greek?? (Have some Spanish DNA too) but up to 46% Jewish. People who identified me as Jewish could be more negative. I started to feel sorry for tgevJews . No I find I am half Jewish. What the hell as religion got to do with it ? No more than genetic Asians are Hindu!!! No one saying to me.,are you Jewish?? Was asking about my belief system!!
    There are clear DNA markers. Jews are a race or population.

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    study and knowledge.

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