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Dual Power in Tehran?

The resignation of Ali Larijani as Iran’s top nuclear negotiator — and his replacement as such by Ahmadinejad acolyate Saeed Jalili, who was 14 years old when the Shah fell in 1979, has limited experience and is reportedly prone to … Continue reading

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Bob Dylan and Ayatollah Khamenei

In Bob Dylan’s 1963 song “Talking World War III Blues,” he dreams of being the last person alive after a nuclear apocalypse, then discovers that his shrink has been having the same dream, and so has most everyone else. Dylan … Continue reading

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Rice-Olmert-Abbas: End of the Affair

A few months ago I noted that the Bush Administration’s claims to be pursuing a Middle East peace process was equivalent to The Emperor’s New Clothes fairy tale except for one important detail: “In the fairy tale, the emperor’s courtiers … Continue reading

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My Favorite ‘Anti-Semite’

The utterly charming thing about the Zionist Thought Police is their apparent inability to restrain themselves, even from the very excesses that will prove to be their own undoing. Having asked sane and rational people to believe that Jimmy Carter … Continue reading

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Israelis Fighting Israeli Apartheid

I’ve never imagined a simple equation between the non-racial democracy for which we fought (and which we won) in South Africa and achieving a unitary state democratic solution for Israel and the Palestinians. Indeed, I’ll admit to being anything but … Continue reading

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Iran: Chronicle of a War Foretold?

In Gabriel Garcia Marquez’s masterpiece Chronicle of Death Foretold, a murder is committed in defense of family honor because nobody does anything to stop two brothers carrying it out, even though they actually want to be stopped. And the careless … Continue reading

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Only Iran Can End U.S. Iraq Nightmare

Absent a grand bargain with Iran, talks between U.S. and Iranian ambassadors in Baghdad are just going through the motion As I wrote on last week, Bush is in no position to bring the Iraq war to a satisfactory … Continue reading

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Mearsheimer, Walt and the Erudite Hysteria of David Remnick

First, an illustrative anecdote: A little over a year ago, Iraq’s prime minister Nuri al-Maliki arrived in Washington and addressed Congress. The event was supposed to be a booster for the elected Iraqi leadership, showing U.S. support for the new … Continue reading

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Maliki’s Fate and America’s

Another Bush-Maliki videoconference There’s no surprise in the rising chorus of demands in Washington that Iraq’s Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki be replaced. After all, the U.S. public discussion of Iraq has been fixated on the notion of a troop surge … Continue reading

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The Wrong Questions on Iran

Imagine, for a moment, that U.S. troops invading Iraq had, as they neared Baghdad, been fired on by an artillery unit using shells filled VX nerve gas — an attack that would have lasted minutes before a U.S. aircrew had … Continue reading

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