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Spitzer Pimped

The New York governor’s use of a prostitution service is not very interesting, but the language chosen by the media organizations to describe it is fascinating Continue reading

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It’s the Formation, Stupid…

Torres has been brilliant, and Stevie and Xabi are back on form. But the reason Liverpool is winning again is that the 4-2-3-1 formation allows each of them to play his best game Continue reading

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Is Israel-Iran Enmity Irreversible?

No, it isn’t. Two of my favorite commentators, Daniel Levy and Trita Parsi, explain why Continue reading

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How Chavez Eats and Keeps His Cake

The surest sign of the relative decline of U.S. power is the fact that regimes that are militantly at odds with Washington — think Chavez in Venezuela, or even the Islamic Republic of Iran — are able to routinely defy the U.S. because they have something to offer that Washington needs. (Oil, in the case of Venezuela, and in Tehran’s case, the prospect of stability in Iraq.) And that suggests that for a host of more powerful and less ideologically committed regimes in the developing world — from Turkey to Brazil, Indonesia to South Africa — there is an unprecedented opportunity to advance their own interest by refraining from aligning themselves with any single bloc, but instead cutting deals with various power centers.
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‘Lost’ Entries on Rootless Cosmopolitan

Previous entries that now register as “not available” are ones that got left behind in a server migration. We’re working on retrieving them Continue reading

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A Stateless Dinner

So American “Chinese” isn’t really Chinese. Well what’s “Indian,” or “Italian” for that matter? Continue reading

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U.S. Pours Gasoline on Gaza Fires

Once upon a time, Israelis and Palestinians looked to the U.S. to intervene at moments of heightened confrontation to mediate between the two sides and contain the damage. The Bush Administration, however, has proved entirely incapable of playing this role, because its own interventions are hidebound by the illusion that it can marginalize and destroy Hamas, the party that represents at least half of the Palestinian population Continue reading

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South Africa’s Racist Present

Guest Column: Sean Jacobs. What to make of the racist torture incident at a South African campus Continue reading

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Israel in Deadly Denial

Guest Column: Uri Avnery As dozens of Palestinian civilians are killed in Israel’s fierce retaliation for the latest round of rocket fire, the veteran Israeli peace campaigner Uri Avnery discusses the inevitable — it may take the death of hundreds or even thousands more Palestinians, and scores more Israelis, but in the end, Israel will talk to Hamas.

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