Who Made Netanyahu the King of the Jews?

In the spirit of Monty Python & the Holy Grail, Bibi: “I’m am your king!” Me: “I didn’t vote for you!” My latest in the National. Extract:

(Israel’s) demand for recognition of “Jews as a people, indigenous to the region and endowed with the right to self-government” is problematic, not only for Palestinians, but also for many Jews. Israeli Jews may have constituted themselves as a nation with the right to security and self-determination, but the majority of the world’s Jews have not claimed a right to self-determination as Jews. On the contrary, we’re very happy that anti-Semitism in the West has been marginalised to the point that we can freely integrate ourselves into the democratic societies in which we’ve chosen to live.

Growing up as a Jewish anti-apartheid activist in South Africa, I was often told by white racists to “go back to Israel”. The idea that Jews don’t belong among non-Jews is the traditional language of anti-Semitism – and also of the modern ideology of Zionism that emerged in the late 19th century. Zionism’s founder, Theodore Herzl, believed that anti-Semitism of the sort I encountered was inevitable and even “natural” whenever Jews lived among gentiles. He effectively concurred with the anti-Semites’ remedy: that I should “go back to Israel”.

Apartheid, by the way, denied black people the rights of citizenship on the basis that their “national homelands” were in Bantustans such as Transkei and Kwazulu – bogus “states” in which they supposedly would exercise their right to self-determination.

Jews have certainly suffered for the right to live in security and safety, but the majority have chosen to exercise that right not in a separate Jewish nation state, but instead as Americans, Argentines, British or French…

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  1. Stephen Frug says:

    Strange women lying in ponds distributing swords is no basis for a system of government.

  2. Clement Fong says:

    If you are a true South African, why arent you helping the South African people? Apartheid is over, but we are beset by AIDS and crime, among many other problems. Perhaps the reason that true S. Africans dont trust you, is because when the going gets tough, you get going. You dont belong to any nation, even your own

  3. Susan says:

    Who made bibi king of the Jews? The following list of people, who give him money and support by giving to or withholding money from US politicians who know what they have to do… and the world media, especially the US media and blogs, who totally evade and avoid anything to do with Israel, who have never touched upon Lieberman’s UN speech or the Oath, or the new bill which allows towns to decide who can move into them and who cannot.

    Bibi Netanyahu’s big foreign donors: Mostly multi billionaires on Forbes World’s Richest list….

    Sheldon Adelson CEO Las Vegas Sands Motti Ganz Flanders Diamond Corp SA
    Ronald Perelman Revlon, Marvel, etc. Motti Zisser Shopping Centers, Russia
    Stephen Wynn Casino Resort developer Manny Weiss Copetas AC (Scam)
    Ronald Lauder Lauder heir David Hagen Bankruptcy Attorney
    Tamir Sapir Bartering oil, etc. with Russia (Shrilli) Braslov
    Charles Kasher? NJ RE Magnate, developer Simon Falic CEO Duty Free America
    Tim Blixseth Yellowstone Club Resorts, Golf John Gandel Austalian RE 562 richest
    Ira Rennert Junk bond financing Joshua Rowe Sr. Software Develop. Microsoft
    Arnon Milchan Film Producer Baumel
    Moshe Gerner Israeli property tycoon, London Michael Sinclair Chairman YooMedia
    Benny Alayem “Consultant” Saudi Arabia Tony Gilbert Real Estate
    Zak Gertler Property Investor, England Shmuel Takic (Gaming?
    David Bodner Broad Capital Investments (history of Investment fraud) Michael Segal
    Murray Huberfeld partner of David Bodner Yehuda Weingarten
    Nasser Klavitt? Jay Schotterstein CEO American Eagle
    Rupert Murdoch New Corp._ Fox News, London Times, Sunday Times, BSkyB Don Soderquist – Retired vice Chairman
    Sumner Redstone Majority stockholder in
    CBS Corp, Viacom, MTV, BET, DreamWorks, Paramount Andy & Jim Tisch – Chairmen Loews
    Thomas Lee Boston private equity firm Zeer Wolfson
    William Davidson 194 World’s Richest – Forbes Vincent Tchenguiz
    Robert Kraft Chairman Kraft Corp Cliff Sobol
    Lily Safra – Worth $1 billion after 4 marriages Roland Arnald
    Joseph Safra – Safra Group, Brazilian investment and banking empire Gerald Rohnson CEO Heron Leisure Industry development
    Meir Safra Wertheirmer Wealthiest Israeli actually living in Israel
    Steven Ballmer – CEO of Microsoft Henry Kravis Global Asset manaager
    Carl Icahn Finacier, corporate raider
    Leonard Blavatnik Russian American
    Chairman Access Industries
    Eli Broad – RE: KB Home, Sun America
    Micky Arisan CEO Carnival Corporation
    Samuel Zell Chairman Equity Group Invesmts.
    David Geffen Music/film producer
    Leslier Wexener CEO Limited Brands Corp
    Edgar Bronfman CEO Warner Music Group
    Frank Grinberg

  4. Ben Israel says:

    Actually, almost half of the Jews in the world live in Israel. Tony is wrong in saying that percentage is decreasing, it is actually increasing. This is because Israel is the ONLY country in the world where the Jewish population in increasing and it has the highest Jewish birth rate, well above replacement level.

    Who elected Netanyahu?…the people of Israel did. He has the clear support of a majority.
    No one is forcing Tony to live in Israel, just as no one forced Tony to remain in South Africa. But Israel is already THE Jewish cultural and religious center for world Jewry and most Jewish scholarship…religious, historical and cultural is in Israel. World Jewry outside of Israel is totally dependent on Israel for spiritual nourishment. The Jewish future is in Israel no matter where an individual Jew may decide to live.

  5. rosemerry says:

    Ben do NOT pretend that there are only 15million Jews in the whole world. However defined, this cannot be true. You may have cultural and religious spiritual nourishment, but the behaviour of the IDF and politicians is so cruel towards the Palestinians who do not deserve to be expelled, destroyed or deprived of a decent life by your expanded presence. Why should any Jew doing so well in most parts of the world not stay there and be part of a varied, tolerant culture? In any European country, USA, Canada, Australia, NZ Jews are generally happy,active, accepted, doing well academically and economically. Why try to make Israel so limited that only extremists want to live there?

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  7. Polarik says:

    Who made you Tony Karon the Julius Streicher of TIME Magazine?

    I see that you have Mondoweiss on your blog roll. What? No Stormfront?

    The only difference between your rants in TIME and Der Sturmer is that Streicher did not have Israel around as a convenient container for his anti-Jewish racism.

    We have enough self-loathing Jews among the lunatics of the liberal media and “Peace activists” who want to destroy Israel piece by piece.

    Why not write about the apartheid that exists between your brain and your mouth?

  8. Boo says:

    “Strange women lying in ponds distributing swords is no basis for a system of government.”—>WTF do you mean?

  9. Rachel Golem says:

    Mr. Netanyahu got his job through a racist, fascist, imperialist concept called, “Voting”. He will leave office after another “Evil Zionist” wins an election.

    Our country, unlike Syria, will not turn into the next Yugoslavia, with endless wars or Egypt, with massive starvation.

    Jews don’t kill each other in the streets in Israel because we are bad people.

  10. iphone spy says:

    I guess since she had a lot of spare time on her hands, she decided to take this on since she had that online legal degree. I don’t think Taitz was the intended pied pipier to take this on, she was already a source of interest because of her past lunatic behavior so she gained a lot of attention. If Netanyahu was involved, he wouldn’t have wanted her to touch the birther issue. Berg had more credibility and discretion. I don’t know why Taitz is hiding inIsrael now, she caused egg on Bibi’s face and probably should find another hideout. She has to return to the US anyway for a court case brought against her by Berg.

  11. South africa says:

    Let’s Help South african together.
    Pray for you.

  12. anon says:

    He was “elected”. You may not be familiar with this concept but it involved people “voting”.

  13. olaalar says:

    Hope that all country on this world will peaceful.

  14. Tony says:

    Who Spam comment this web again I will report your website to google to be Deindex.

    Tony Karon.

  15. I guess since she had a lot of spare time on her hands, she decided to take this on since she had that online legal degree.

  16. roofing says:

    It has become a polemic, because the Jews themselves have long been spread throughout Europe and America so they no longer think about whether they require a state or not

  17. I hope all countries in the world would be peaceful

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  42. Ballack says:

    Netanyahu has stepped up pressure on the United States to take military action against Iran by openly declaring.

  43. Ther says:

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