Scoring Round 1 of Hillary vs. Ahmadinejad

My piece on Monday’s NPT conference debate:

Walking out on Monday’s U.N. speech by Iran’s President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad may have been good domestic politics for the Obama Administration and its closest European allies, but it won’t necessarily help them prevail at the Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) review conference that began Monday. In fact the move by delegates from the U.S., Britain, France, Canada, Hungary, New Zealand and the Netherlands, among others, may have perversely played to Ahmadinejad’s advantage.

To be sure, the Iranian leader had been put on the spot by U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon, who earlier from the same podium had criticized Tehran’s failure to comply with disclosure requirements of the treaty, and resulting U.N. Security Council resolutions. “The onus is on Iran to clarify the doubts” over its intentions, Ban had said. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, addressing the same event hours later, warned that Iran “will do whatever it can to divert attention from its own record and to attempt to evade accountability.” She pointed out that Iran was the “only country in this hall that has been found by the IAEA board of governors to be currently in noncompliance with its nuclear safeguards obligations,” and demanded that it be held accountable.

But Ahmadinejad had always intended to change the subject and emphasize division in the international community. His speech played to the majority of countries that position themselves somewhere between the U.S. camp and Iran’s, opposing Iran building nuclear weapons and insisting that it comply with its NPT obligations, but not necessarily convinced by Western accusations that weaponization is Tehran’s ultimate goal. Either way, they insist that dialogue, rather than further sanctions or coercive measures, is the way to resolve the issue.

The preference for dialogue is repeatedly sounded by key players in the dispute like China, as well as by Turkey and Brazil, both of which are currently serving on the Security Council, where the U.S. and its allies are trying to win support for new sanctions. In this respect, the distinction between those who walked out on Ahmadinejad’s address and those who stayed to hear him speak may not be insignificant.

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20 Responses to Scoring Round 1 of Hillary vs. Ahmadinejad

  1. zeke says:

    I hardly think it’s Hilary 1. I can’t imagine there are many outside the US who don’t know the score. The US has and spreads nuclear technology as it pleases while attempting to play dictator as to who will get and who will not. It’s doesn’t take much of a brain to see the US duplicity.

    I would assume our behavior is the subject to considerable laughter behind the scenes. I haven’t ever had much respect for anyone who plays the silly games we do. But then it has become a national pass time in every quarter.

  2. gary says:

    can this be? good god i actually miss condy rice

  3. rosemerry says:

    a good article and surprisingly balanced from a mainstream media outlet!

  4. Warren Metzler says:

    It is truly a sign of the irrationality of most intellectuals in the world that the American / Israeli position be seen as rational. Who has invaded more countries in the past thirty years, Israel or Iran? Who has dealt totally unacceptable collateral damage way in excess of an accurate assessment of personal damage, in the past thirty years, Israel or Iran? Who treats minorities under their direct control with more draconian totally anti-human rights behaviors, Israel or Iran? Who obviously has done more land grabbing, under the defense that a 3,000 year old document gives title to the land, Israel or Iran? Who as repeatedly demonstrated that there are two sets or rules; one for them that overwhelmingly favors them, and one for all others; Israel or Iran?

    Com’on folks. Lets get real. Israel operates with a mind-set that they are headed for, if they can get away with it, all the land from east of the Jordan River to the Mediterranean; don’t forget that back in ancient Israel two tribes occupied extended territory in what is current day Jordan and Syria.

    It is time that we recognize a fact, that has been repeatedly proven throughout human history. That no country can live in peace and acceptance with its neighbors that is based on a official religion. This needs to be recognized, Israel needs to be clearly, unequivocally, informed that they will not be considered reasonable and worthy of respect, until they give up this Jewish state attitude. And at the same time, to be consistent, say the same to the countries with an official Moslem identify: Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Iran, Syria, Turkey, Sudan, Libya, Morocco, etc. etc. etc. Can’t we ever get to a world where common sense prevails????!!!!

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  6. Katie Smith says:

    I believe that US also spreads nuclear technology even though they are saying that they are against it. It’s as if they are manipulating the people who have strong nuclear technology so that they can be the strongest country out there.

    Katie Smith
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  7. @Warren Metzler -You said: “Com’on folks. Lets get real”
    Well, there is a common knowledge and undisputed fact that the same history events are viewed and interpreted differently by different people with different agendas. I can name many things that I don’t agree with you on. But this is not my point. My point is that a person, a country has to decide who’s your friend, and who’s your enemy, unfortunately. Even if your friend does bad things, he’s still “our bad guy”, as one very famous American politician once sad. Were Afghan Modjaheddins fighting Soviets good guys? I highly doubt it. They were our bad guys. The same is with any nation that stands with America against.

  8. Donald D. says:

    In the light of the latest developments in Syria, tt is however unclear what Hilary Clinton seeks by accusing Teheran. While the US has repeatedly attacked Iran through speeches, President Ahmadinejad has never pretended to be too keen on America either. The relationship between the two countries broke down a long time ago, however, the war on terror clearly put Iran back at the top of the list of the US political enemies as the country was said to be part of the famous axis of evils.
    As much as the US wants to find a way to incriminate the Iranian regime, and as guilty as the latter might be, the administration should remember that at the moment, people in Syria are calling for Assad not Ahmadinejad to leave.

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  11. Tony says:

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  12. Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Iran, Syria, Turkey, Sudan, Libya, Morocco, etc. etc. etc. Can’t we ever get to a world where common sense prevail

  13. As much as the US wants to find a way to incriminate the Iranian regime, and as guilty as the latter might be, the administration should remember that at the moment, people in Syria are calling for Assad not Ahmadinejad to leave.

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