Why the Iran Nuclear Deal Stalled

Published in the National on Sunday:

The surest sign yet that the Iranian nuclear deal is in deep trouble is its endorsement by Israel’s prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu.

“A positive first step,” Mr Netanyahu called the deal. This was in marked contrast to his own defence minister, Ehud Barak, who complained earlier that the agreement accorded Iran “legitimisation for enriching uranium for civilian purposes on its soil, contrary to the understanding that those negotiating with it have about its real plans”.

Mr Barak and Mr Netanyahu march in lockstep when it comes to Iran. The reason for their apparent disagreement is simple. Mr Barak dismissed the proposed deal when it looked as if Iran might accept it. Mr Netanyahu’s approval came only after Iran’s response was interpreted by the western powers as a “no”.

The proposed deal used Iran’s request for fuel to power a medical research reactor in Tehran as an opportunity to address western concerns over Iran’s stockpile of low-enriched uranium, which could produce enough material for a single crude bomb at some point in the future. The Vienna agreement required that Iran send around three-quarters of its own stockpile to Russia and France for processing into fuel that cannot easily be weaponised.

The breakdown arose precisely because the two sides remain committed to mutually exclusive objectives. The more hawkish elements in the western camp, along with Israel, insist that Iran cannot be allowed to continue enriching its remaining uranium, even for energy purposes, because this would give it the means to move quickly to build a bomb. Tehran, on the other hand, saw the agreement as tacit acceptance of Iran’s right to enrichment. So when Mr Netanyahu spoke of a “first step”, he meant a first step towards ending all enrichment in Iran – which is what Iran feared. Read the rest here

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  1. iran hükümeti büyük hükümettir! hicbirzaman nükleer üretmedi sadece ihtiyac? kadar?n? kendi sanayiisinde kullanmak icin üretti!
    no nuclear no WAR!!

  2. U.S. President Barack Obama, along with South Korean President Lee Myung-bak at the White House press conference, “Iran, Saudi Arabia’s ambassador to Washington, his alleged assassination plot to kill a fair hand Cubeyr’i” answered the question for.

    U.S. Department of Justice had demonstrated that the very specific facts indicating that a number of Obama assassination plan against the Iranian-American origin, a person involved in the Ambassador said that they knew.

    Direct connections to the Iranian government and that this person has received the money Obama is voicing what they know, “Now that all the facts are clear. Claims already raised this issue did not support the findings getirmezdik” he said.

    Obama, the findings of the international community and sharing,

    “After analyzing these, I believe this plan will not occur in a discussion of the reality,” he said.

  3. judee forele says:

    Us government there afraid Iran used Nuclear for another purpose.

  4. British Defence Secretary Liam Fox, a close friend, the government works with the emergence of memory used by the scandal that erupted 10 days ago, then Prime Minister David Cameron offered his resignation.

    Resignation letter to Fox, “obscures the boundary between personal interests and the government had made a mistake accepting jobs,” said.

    British Defence Secretary Liam Fox, a close friend görevlendirilmeyen by the government to use as his assistant and take you to travel in the country was causing controversy.

    Conservative Party of Defence Minister Fox, a close friend of his meeting with the President of Sri Lanka, the presence of Adam and Werritty’nin Werritty One Dubai businessmen are ready to provide connection to the emergence of heightened pressures for Fox.

    British Prime Minister David Cameron wants to comment on the issue, the Department of Defense, working relationship between Fox and Werritty launched an investigation.

    British press, and the wedding of his friend home before Werritty’nin Fox had described it as his best man.

  5. Gaddafi of Libya’s capital Tripoli broke out between supporters and opponents.

    A group of about 50 people in the pro-Qaddafi Qaddafi slogans in favor of Abu Salim on the take, depending on the National Transition Council, said forces immediately went to the region.

    Eye-witnesses, the clash between the two groups used automatic weapons and heavy machine guns, he said.

    Abu Salim, a neighborhood close to where the conflict was expressed in Hadba’da.

    According to the information given by one of the çarp??anlardan UGK, Gaddafi sent a message to the forces due to him last night, wanted to attack after the Friday prayer.

    After 2 months ago UGK was captured by the forces of Tripoli, Gaddafi told a few times a voice message by publishing his fight against devirenlere.

  6. In Greece, the government’s financial reforms, held demonstrations to protest against the events of the 15 police and 6 demonstrators were injured, 10 arrested reportedly detained hundreds of people.

    Greek media organs, the majority of the demonstrations took place after the events, it’s on Syntagma Square area resembled noted news reports surrounding the bank, with branches in many shops and work places,

    “Incalculable dimensions” great harm has occurred, a special outfit in front of the monument of the Unknown Soldier, “Curtis Armstrong” troops waiting to lodge a deposit box, two bus ticket office and announced that some of the recycling machinery had been set alight.

    Clashes between police and demonstrators in other regions are experiencing significant financial losses occurred in the news, in a given cafeteria Vukurestiyu street, completely burned in a fire, and Amalias Akadimias streets with shops and businesses in some vehicles parked in the said property damage occurred.

    Meanwhile, the Confederation of Public Employees and Workers Federations ADEDY GSEE’nin reportedly organized a huge protest demonstration tomorrow in the Syntagma Square.

    Broadcasting organizations, Greek, describes the show will join the Workers’ Trade Union Association Struggling PAME’nin, the show attempts to be found during the siege of Parliament announced that.

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