Beheading Barack

Some people will stop at nothing to stop Barack Obama. Earlier in his campaign, desparate opponents suggested that voting for Obama was a bad idea because he was too much of a Muslim. Well, we all saw how well that worked. But Edward Luttwak seems to have come up with a truly unique reason for Americans to avoid making Barak Obama their president — Obama isn’t Muslim enough!

Yes, in all serious, Luttwak argues that the fact that Obama’s father was Muslim but he adopted Christianity makes him an apostate, worthy of beheading in some interpretations of Islam. And the U.S. can’t very well send an apostate to deal with the Muslim world, can it? And the New York Times sees fit to publish this profound feat of Islamic scholarship… Uh…

What next? I can’t wait…

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6 Responses to Beheading Barack

  1. Bernard Chazelle says:

    Luttwak is ill-informed. Obama is a Muslim who has the endorsement of Hamas. So how could he be an apostate?

    Does Luttwak think the “Islamic Resistance Movement” didn’t put their fact-checkers on the case before announcing their support of Mullah Obama?

    Everybody knows Obama is faking this “Christian” thing just to get the coveted John Hagee vote.

    My anonymous souces at the Times are telling me… Get this! Obama’s first move as president will be to lift the White House from its foundations and reorient it toward Mecca! Yup… Some apostate.

  2. marisa says:

    Great joke Bernard! Hahahaha

    On a more serious note… I find it rather disappointing to see the progress of the presidential race… It’s like watching a really bad reality TV show. Do we really need to know if Obama is ‘Muslim’ enough or not???? Do we really need to know if his ‘pastor’ is American enough???? Where are the central issues of discussion??? Iraq??? The Economy??? Foreign Policy???
    The matters currently discussed by the media are only fit to be put to Paris Hilton and not the Presidential Candidate.



  3. Amira says:

    I have linked to this article on
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  4. gracie_fr says:

    …Juan Cole’s Blog (Informed Comment)May 15 entry on this is interesting . The shahada is a necessary profession of faith for a Muslim to become a Muslim. In other words, Islam is not exactly a genetically inherited state of being. Moreover one is never a “covert” Muslim, one is or one isn’t….

  5. nan says:

    I can’t believe anyone would even “toy” with the word or theory on Barak’s being Muslim. As far as I’m concerned the Muslims can drop of the edge of the earth! These people HATE us, remember? They hate Jews and Christians alike. After 9/11 how could some name BHOand have his background even run for President?Americans are foolish and have horrible memories. Well, I don’t.

  6. The matters currently discussed by the media are only fit to be put to Paris Hilton and not the Presidential Candidate.

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