My Dinner With Dalglish

Well, okay, not mine, Fernando Torres’s. This three-part video series shows a Spanish TV program hosted by former Anfield striker Michael Robinson, coming across like some old lush in an Almodovar movie, focusing on Fernando Torres’s ascent as the new King of the Kop.

It’s gripping, moving stuff, as they show just why Liverpool FC is the genuine People’s Club in England — enough to bring tears the to eyes of any longtime Red. For others, it’ll give you a sense of why we feel the way we do about our club.

The second two installments show Robinson hosting a dinner, with Sammy Lee, who also learned Spanish when he coached there, featuring Kenny Dalglish and Graeme Souness meeting Torres, Pepe Reina and Alvaro Arbeloa. A real passing of the torch affair

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11 Responses to My Dinner With Dalglish

  1. Dollar Brand says:

    “You’ll never walk alone.”
    My Best Red XI of all time:
    Bruce Grobbelaar (b. Durban)
    Sammy Lee
    Mark Lawrenson
    Alan Hansen
    Graeme Souness
    Steven Gerrard
    Craig Johnson (b. Johannesburg)
    Kenny Dalglish
    Michael Robinson
    Ian Rush
    John Barnes

  2. Tony says:

    Bra Dullah, your team has no fullbacks, and four strikers. I’m not sure I’d have Sammy Lee, Craig Johnstone or Michael Robinson in mine, the latter two in particular were pretty ordinary. Not sure that Grobbelaar would be my ‘keeper either, how would you know he wasn’t on the take?

  3. Jim McCabe says:

    My all-time Liverpool XI:

  4. David says:

    Jim McCabe reminds me of my main beef. When I was a kid growing up in L’pool (they were in the second division then) pretty much all the plauyers were from Liverpool. Kenny Dalglish was the major foreign import, from north of the border. The team did not change that much from season to season. I still love the Reds and follow every game, but I do think it’s sad the way the team could be pretty much from anywhere (Spain, for example?).

  5. Tony says:

    David — if the team were still mostly Scouse, or even English, we’d still be in the second division. Last year’s champions, Man United, field three maybe four English players in their first-choice lineup. The previous year’s champions, Chelsea, field four; Arsenal have none… And BTW, if you look back to Kenny’s era, Ian Rush was Welsh, Kenny, Souness, Hansen and Steve Nicol were Scottish, Ronnie Whelan was Irish, Jan Molby was a Dane… and so on…

  6. Tony says:

    In fact, six of the 11 players in Jim’s all-time LFC team are not English

  7. David says:

    I know, I know. And my all-time hero Shankly was a scotsman as well. Torres is brilliant and we have to go global to compete nowadays etc. But does it make you wonder if the EPL farm system is ever going to produce any top flight players under this scenario?

  8. Tony says:

    Short answer is nope. Not that it has for decades, though. That’s the thing. English football left to its own devices has not exactly produced world beaters (66 aside), has it? I don’t think restricting foreigners in the EPL is going to help England…

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  10. We’re slowly moving back to the days when three non-english british players where maximum allowed. This will probably not help th eneglish national team, as you need to play with someone who’s better than you – you shouldn’t get straight into a english premier league tema just ebcause you’re english.

  11. You are superb tony Have a nice Dinner right?

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