Safe Posturing on Iraq

Kudos to David Rieff for making clear that all the retrospective posturing on Iraq by the Democrat frontrunners is meaningless — safe, even — and is made nonsense of by the fact that all of them hold positions on Iran which would enable another disastrous war. To the extent that they still maintain the conceptual framework that holds that where America senses a country might be putting itself in a position to attain unconventional weapons capability, it claims that sense as giving it the right to launch a military attack on such a country, they are every bit as responsible for the Iraq debacle as President Bush is. And as Zbigniew Brezinski, one of the few voices in the foreign policy establishment willing to speak uncomfortable truths, noted in Sunday’s Washington Post, it’s time to challenge the whole myth of a “war on terror” that has been used by the most scurrilous element in Washington to wreak havoc abroad and at home. Like Dr. Johnson (thanks Dave!) once said about patriotism, the “war on terror” has become a last refuge of scoundrels.

It’s all very well for Obama to point out that Hillary’s just a status-quo drone when it comes to wars in the Middle East; what we need to know, Barack, is whether you’re much different.

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  1. Saifedean says:

    The late Patrick Moynihan once said “an election year is never America’s finest hour.”

    Now we have a nonstop election cycle, so expect Obama, like everyone else to continue pandering to the money until they’re blue in the face.

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