Telephone Call for Mr. Horrible

Not just any American in Paris, but a vicious, potty-mouthed, epically angry American in Paris…

I’m please to share with you Mr. Horrible’s Ugliness Glob, the new blogging effort by my friend Bruce Crumley, who busts out of the constraints of his day job to rain invective and obscenity on what passes for politics back home…

Like some deranged backwoods preacher, Bruce lays it on thick and dirty. Sample:

As usual, the best and brightest minds in the world of punditry have swiftly reacted to the most recent cable news network excuse to cut to live coverage of their reporters waiting outside buildings for shit to happen, and come to the collective agreement to seize this latest little nugget of history-in-the-making to totally miss its fucking point.

Scarcely five seconds had elapsed from Scooter Libby walking out of a federal court room with his asshole clinched in defensive anticipation of “love” being made up it in jail when scribes of the right, left, and center were already lobbying for a presidential pardon, or flaccidly pondering the logic behind one. The low-grade sophistry rolled out to explain how and why this might happen—or might be a good idea—in no way covered the knobby knees, bloated gut, and depressingly shriveled weenie of the entire regally naked idea. As usual, our Goofus and Galants of the keyboard set faked right, moved left, and fell the fuck down.

Reading Bruce busting loose is like having the political landscape illuminated by a July 4-scale fusillade of magnesium flares. It’s a treat!

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