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Laxman Flays the Aussies

As the entire cricket-playing world watches with glee as the Australian juggernaut is humbled by, of all nations, England, I was reminded of a piece I wrote a few years ago for on India’s famous come-from-behind victory over the … Continue reading

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They Never Give Up, Do They?

There’s more than a whiff of rodent coming off the story carried in various U.S. outlets this week claiming that Iran is supposedly supplying sophisticated explosives to Iraq’s insurgency. The regime in Iran may hate the U.S., but not necessarily … Continue reading

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Hiroshima, Mon Amerique

Four Thoughts on the Hiroshima Anniversary 1. Don’t Look Back I’ll admit, I was genuinely taken aback — gobsmacked, as they say — when after having been here for two years, the furor erupted over the Smithsonian Institute’s plans to … Continue reading

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A Jew’s Place

This piece appeared in South Africa’s Sunday Times in December of 2003 Israel’s leaders don’t fear Palestinian suicide bombers nearly as much as they fear the Palestinian population explosion. Even Prime Minister Ariel Sharon is now warning that holding on … Continue reading

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Why Iraq Is Not Vietnam

Bruce Willis visits the troops As it becomes more and more obvious by the day that the U.S. simply cannot win in Iraq, the Vietnam comparison is inevitably going to be getting a lot more play in the media. Hey, … Continue reading

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