Whatever Became of that Nice Mr. Blair…

Converted to Catholicism, ‘e did. And now he’s out to save the world. The problem with the idea of a global conversation between Muslims and Christians refereed by Tony Blair? Two words: Tony Blair.

The very idea that the co-author of the Iraq war; the man currently tasked with implementing a U.S. Middle East policy premised aimed at building up the regime of Mahmoud Abbas against Hamas — through such signal achievements as getting the Israelis to remove four (yes, four!) West Bank checkpoints — a man who suggests that there’s no basis whatsoever in reality to the grievances against the West imagined by most Muslims — the idea that this fellow is going to morph into the great conciliator between Muslims and the West, shows the utter dearth of feedback in the Bush-Bono bubble wrapped world in which he moves.

That nasty cackle you could hear ringing around the world last week when this was announced came from a mud hut in Waziristan; it was the sound of the noxious Ayman Zawahiri receiving the news that the alternative to the Al Qaeda world view is going to be championed by Tony Blair. Boy, this people really never do learn, do they?

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7 Responses to Whatever Became of that Nice Mr. Blair…

  1. Bernard Chazelle says:

    Whatever happened to that fine Catholic tradition of retiring to a monastery and never being heard of again?

    At least Merkel threatened Sarkozy with a lifetime diet of sauerkraut and wurzt if he didn’t drop his support of Blair for EU president. He did. Good for her.

  2. Blair/bush and the neocon gang together with the us media must be made to pay for the war crimes commt itted where 1 million Iraqis were murdered and continues to this day. They have destroyed the world oldest civilization.mde it into a failed state.the 4000 plus yankee who perished were sent to iraq as hired killers,and were sent to their death.

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  4. Roger Lafontaine says:

    There are 2 worlds. There is the real world where people are tortured, bombed and exploited. Then there is the world of phantoms and illusions, where the talk is of democratic values and other high-sounding empty phrases. Blair since he no longer has to kill and destroy since his office is of this imaginary world has become a ghost in this world. He is free to let his imagination run on. Nothing he says is too preposterous or impossible. In this world anything is possible and ultimately meaningless.

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